MPC Reman Corporation

Welcome to MPC Reman Corporation

MPC Reman Corp is a privately owned company that was created to fill a dedicated need to the mining industry clients that we serve. During our years of doing business within the mining industry, we found that there was a lack of remanufactured parts and components available from the OEMs to service the global mining industry due to various reasons.

We remanufacture, which means we disassemble, clean, repair or replace, machine, then reassemble used components (cores) to their original OEM specifications.

What make us unique is that we only cater to the mining industry thus we do not entertain OEMs or non-mining related clients like our competitors do; we are dedicated to the industry we serve ensuring that re-man products are available for older and late model pieces of mining machinery.

Immediate Benefits of Reman Products

  • A Cleaner Environment
  • Decreased downtime to our clients waiting for OEM lead times of 90-180 days or more
  • Warranted products that meet or exceed OEM specifications